ParcelBoundary: Using forceUpdate

This example demonstrates ParcelBoundary’s forceUpdate feature. The options array loads shortly after the components mount and the parcel is created. ParcelBoundaries use pure rendering by default, so it will not normally update when the contents of the options prop changes.

The forceUpdate option is used to force the ParcelBoundary to update when options changes.

API reference for ParcelBoundary.forceUpdate
"Option A"
import React from 'react';
import {ParcelHoc, ParcelBoundary} from 'react-dataparcels';

const ColourParcelHoc = ParcelHoc({
    name: "colourParcel",
    valueFromProps: (/* props */) => "Option A"

const ColourEditor = (props) => {
    let {colourParcel, options} = props;
    return <div>
        <label>favourite colour</label>
        <ParcelBoundary parcel={colourParcel} forceUpdate={[options]}>
            {(mains) => <select {...mains.spreadDOM()}>
                {{label, value}) => <option key={value} value={value}>{label}</option>)}

export default ColourParcelHoc(ColourEditor);