Managing your own parcel state

If you don’t want to use the ParcelHoc higher order component and would prefer to manage your Parcel’s state yourself, this example deomstrates how.

import React from 'react';
import Parcel, {ParcelBoundary} from 'react-dataparcels';

export default class ManagingOwnParcelState extends React.Component {
    constructor(props) {

        let personParcel = new Parcel({
            value: {
                firstname: "Robert",
                lastname: "Clamps"
            handleChange: (personParcel) => this.setState({personParcel})

        this.state = {personParcel};

    render() {
        let {personParcel} = this.state;
        return <div>
            <ParcelBoundary parcel={personParcel.get('firstname')}>
                {(firstname) => <input type="text" {...firstname.spreadDOM()} />}

            <ParcelBoundary parcel={personParcel.get('lastname')}>
                {(lastname) => <input type="text" {...lastname.spreadDOM()} />}